Purple Foodservice Solutions Limited is a unique business model which brings together the         skills and resources of its shareholders, Supreme Group and Vestey Foodservice.

About Purple Foodservice Solutions

The consortium of shareholders established Purple Foodservice expressly to bid for and win the Worldwide Food Supply Contract (WWFSC) awarded by the UK Ministry of Defence.

The Purple Foodservice Solutions MoD World Wide Food Supply Contract (WWFSC), which commenced on 01 October  2006 has been extended to 30 September 2017. The Next Generation Food Supply contract has set a very different MoD food supply requirement and volume for 2016, to that of 2006; this is a result of the now almost complete roll out of the Catering Retail and Leisure project, the Strategic Defence and Security Review and withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Purple Foodservice partners operate out of UK depots in Petersfield and Fareham in Hampshire and Dundonald in Ayrshire, with overseas depot locations in Germany and Falkland Islands.

Purple Foodservice Solutions group logos

Partnering Mission Statement

Defence Food Services, Purple Foodservice and their partners commit to an open, honest, challenging and innovative partnering agreement that will meet Ministry of Defence food supply requirements.

We will share risks, benefits, goals and information based on trust and shared vision.

Together we will work to the benefit of DFS, PFS and partners, Armed Forces personnel around the world and the British taxpayer.