Purple Foodservice is the central element of an efficient world-class supply chain that              involves a coordinated network of organisations working in direct support of the United            Kingdom’s Defence Forces.

An efficient world-class supply chain

Together their resources, people and activities efficiently and cost-effectively move products from supplier to end-user around the globe. A task of this magnitude would be difficult enough if the products were iron or steel, wool or timber, but the products we deliver include fresh salad, vegetables and chilled foods that must arrive in optimum condition, and we do that week in and week out.

Whereas most global supply chains function against relatively straightforward market-led dynamics, the MoD Food Supply Contract differs from the great majority of them, the partners often operating in a hostile environment.

The Purple Foodservice management team must balance commodity price fluctuations with the everyday volatility of fuel costs, climate change and ‘the exigencies of the Service’, (Def: ‘Exigency - something that a situation demands or makes urgently necessary that overrides all other demands and puts pressure on the people involved’).

Urgent and sudden demands can mean the rapid and wholesale movement of personnel between UK and overseas locations, short notice loading of HM Ships and Submarines and the urgent deployment or reinforcement of troops to operational theatres.

Underlying the variables sit the MoD’s standing protocols. Every transaction we undertake is subject to ‘best value’ scrutiny. In fact, providing the British taxpayer with the best possible value for money is one of our highest priorities.

Purple Foodservice will fulfil its annual supply commitment from a budget that has been fixed for five years. The current annual product cost is £72 million.

It is by skilful procurement and logistical economies that PFS builds in exceptional value. We operate an open book accounting system and the savings we achieve help to reduce the burden to HM Treasury.


It is MoD policy that troops serving overseas be provided with familiar cuisine. The daily offering in Germany, Oman and the Falkland Islands will therefore closely resemble that served in Aldershot, Faslane and Brize Norton.
It is important that Purple Foodservice, as the prime contractor, works very closely with its operational partners - principally Vestey Foodservice in the UK and Supreme Group overseas. Their experience, systems and human resources provide the optimum reliability, flexibility and dependability needed to service this highly complex supply chain.

There is justifiable confidence in Purple Foodservice and its partners - from the highest levels of the MoD to the furthest outposts where British troops serve.

PFS is keen to address the environmental and sustainability challenges that its worldwide supply chain has to meet.

The Company has adopted as its official charity FitzRoy, a national charity that provides practical support for adults with all forms of learning disability. We also contribute to the British Troops Christmas Gift Boxes (uk4u Thanks) which are produced at cost by Vestey Foodservice.

Purple Foodservice is proud to be the food supply contractor to the MoD. Everyone connected with the supply chain knows they play an important part in supporting men and women who are facing exceptional challenges on a daily basis.

Our admiration and respect for British service men and women – wherever in the world they are serving – is unreserved.

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