One of the many questions asked by manufacturers and suppliers is “how do we secure a listing on the MoD range?

Supplying to the MoD

Purple Foodservice Solutions Ltd (PFS) as the prime food supply contractor to the United Kingdom Ministry of Defence supplies the Armed Forces in UK, on overseas operations and exercises worldwide with all their commercial food, operational rations and bottled water requirements. The MoD Core Range of commercial foodservice products consists of approximately 1,000 line items of frozen, ambient and chilled foods along with approximately 40 variants of both 10 Man and Individual Operational Ration Packs (ORP) eaten by troops on operations when fresh cannot be prepared and on training exercises.

One of the many questions asked by manufacturers and suppliers is “how do we secure a listing on the MoD range?”

Should your company be interested in securing a listing on the MoD Core Range your product must meet the following criteria.

  • All products must be compliant with current food safety laws, be legal and fit for purpose.
  • Frozen and ambient commercial foods must be delivered into our depots with a minimum 6-9 months guaranteed shelf life. ORP components require a minimum 24 month shelf life.
  • Packaging must be robust enough to cope with challenging supply chain conditions.
  • Offer good value for money.
  • Product recognised as meeting government guidelines in reducing salt, sugar and fat.
  • Product to be available for export.

Should you feel that your product is appropriate and meets all of the above criteria you should contact the PFS Enquiries by email to to arrange a meeting and or delivery of samples which will be examined at the next appropriate MoD Food Selection Panel.

Food Selection Panels (FSPs)

The MoD host FSPs chaired by a member of the Food Service Management Team from Defence Food Services with a committee of representatives from the Royal Navy, Army and Royal Air Force supported by Food Nutritionists, MoD Food Inspectors, MoD commercial staff and PFS. This is the MoD’s preferred method by which food is selected for inclusion within the MoD Core Range.

Each panel is conducted at a service establishment where several samples of each requirement are prepared by military chefs for comparison. Products are blind tasted and rated by a cross section of sailors, soldiers and airmen who will be the end customers. The committee will assess taste scores, commercial information, confirm product specifications that the food matches the MoD’s specific needs and requirements before selecting the product to be included within the Core Range. Results can be surprising, well known brands are not always selected and smaller manufacturers can be very successful in securing a listing. Listing on the Core Range usually last for a minimum of 12 months.